Fire Fighting Training course in Bangalore

Fire Fighting Training course in Bangalore

Fire Fighting Training course in Bangalore

Narayana mep is the best and leading Fire Fighting Training course in Bangalore with most experienced professionals. We offer best Fire Fighting Online Training class in Bangalore at the best price

Course Details      -    Duration (40 Hrs) 

If you want to Leverage your career in Firefighting design Field.

You will become a Professional Firefighting Designer after completing the full course

🎖In this course you will learn about:

✅Fire Basic Introduction

✅NBC Codes & NFPA standard

✅Fire & classification of Fire.

✅Fire triangle

✅Pipe & Fittings used in Firefighting

✅Pipe supports & Intervals Between Support

✅Pipe Paints used in Firefighting

✅Fire extinguisher NFPA 10

✅Installation of Extinguisher

✅PASS Method

✅Sprinkler NFPA 13

✅System classification

✅Pipe arrangement

✅Pipe schedule

✅Sprinkler spacing and designing

✅Hazard classification

✅Hydraulic calculation Manual

✅Hydraulic calculation Elite Software

✅ICV - Alarm valve

✅Fire hydrant NFPA 14

✅Internal Hydrant

✅External Hydrant

✅Class 1,2 & 3 standpipe.

✅Pump Calculation NFPA 20

✅Type of Pumps

✅Pump head calculation

✅Valve & accessories

✅Tank Sizing NFPA 22

✅Positive suction, Negative Suction & Puddle flange details.

✅FM 200 fire suppression

✅NOVEC 1230 fire suppression

✅Deluge System

✅Basement water curtain system

✅Fire alarm NFPA 72

✅Conventional system

✅Addressable System

✅Hybrid System

✅Public Addressable

✅Talk Back System

✅BOQ preparation

✅FF Drafting

✅Understanding of Schematics Drawing

✅Understanding of Pump Drawing

✅NFPA Standard

✅NBC Standard

✅Live Project Residential Project.

✅ Live Project Commercial Project Office.


Outcome of training:

🔹Certificate of Completion

🔹E-Books and Handbooks

🔹NFPA Data Book

🔹NBC Data Book

🔹Live Projects- Indian & International

🔹Lifetime training