Hvac training in Bangalore

Hvac training in Bangalore

Hvac training in Bangalore

Narayana mep is the best and leading Hvac Training course in Bangalore with most experienced professionals. We offer best Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning Designing Online Training class in Bangalore at the best price

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning) DESIGNING COURSE SYLLABUS -    Course Details      -    Duration (65 Hrs) 

If you are one who wants to upgrade your skill

Leverage your career in HVAC Field.

You will become a Professional HVAC Designer after completing the full course

🎖In this course you will learn about:

✅HVAC Introduction

✅Basic Concepts in HVAC

✅Psychrometry and Processes

✅Refrigerants & refrigeration Cycle

✅Classification & Difference - AHU & FCU

✅ AHU Detailed Drawing

✅ FCU Detailed Drawing

✅Uses & Type of Air Filters

✅HVAC Machines & Component

✅Different type of Compressor, Condenser & Evaporator)

✅HVAC Systems (VAV, VRF/VRV, etc.)

✅Chillers & Type of Chillers

✅Chiller Performance

✅Building survey

✅Cooling Load Calculation (Manual)

✅Cooling Load Calculation (Excel E-20 form)

✅Cooling Load Calculation (HAP Software)

✅Duct Design

✅Duct installation

✅Air Terminals

✅Chilled water Pipe design

✅Chilled water Pipe Installation

✅Pump head calculation

✅Pump Selection

✅Fan Selection

✅Ventilation (Fresh Air, Exhaust, Basement & Kitchen Wood)

✅VRF Design

✅System Selection

✅Chiller Selection

✅Cooling Tower Selection.

✅Chiller Selection

✅ Schematic

✅Office Live Project – Delhi location

✅ Office Live Project – Hyderabad location

✅ School Live Project – US location


Outcome of training:

🔹Certificate of Completion

🔹E-Books and Handbooks

🔹ASHRAE Data Book

🔹ISHRAE Data Book

🔹NBC Data Book

🔹Live Projects- Indian & International

🔹Lifetime training

NO GST Bill will be provided.

No Refund of Money once paid